Flywheel Bicycle

With a little ingenuity, Maxwell von Stein was able to apply the principles of the now-common hybrid car onto an ordinary road bike, calling the result the Flywheel Bicycle.

Regenerative braking is an integral principle in the design of a hybrid car. The petrol engine builds up kinetic energy and propels the vehicle, while the battery stores any unused power. With engineering student Maxwell von Stein’s Flywheel Bicycle, human bodies replace the traditional engine and the excess energy is stored by the flywheel, which is suspended onto the frame. This way, the cyclist doesn’t waste the energy when braking. Instead, it’s stored in the spinning wheel, making acceleration much easier and the entire process more energy-effecient.

Although a bicycle is as carbon neutral as a modern vehicle can be, it’s still important to economize the process of cycling. After all, if people are to adopt more eco-friendly transportation solutions, they better be offered quick and manageable methods of doing so.

Any enterprising manufacturer out there?

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